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Hi, loves! Welcome to our site-Getting Wiggy Hair! Since most people want to know who they are purchasing from, I want to take some time to introduce my husband and myself to you. My name is Brandon, yes, Brandon :), Alonso. My husband, Joe, is going to be the behind-the-scenes man, but is just as equally involved in our company as I am. I am an identical twin, a mother of two beautiful girls, a teacher, and a wig/weave fanatic! I was born, and mostly raised, in New Jersey, to a single mother. At that time, the area where we lived was not the best, and our family struggled very much, financially. Times were most certainly hard, but I always knew that I would not let my trials and hardships define me. I was destined for greater things!

My family eventually moved from New Jersey and came to Florida for a better life. Here, I completed middle and high school, and eventually went on to college- the University of Central Florida to be exact (Go Knights!), and earned my degree in Elementary Education. This journey proved to be one of the toughest and proudest journeys of my life, as the hit of the recession definitely affected my schooling. Despite having to take sometimes, one class per semester, I never stopped going to college. My husband, being the wonderful man he is, knew how important education was to me, and pushed me to continue, even when it looked like there was never going to be an end in sight. I am proud to say, that after 10 years, I graduated college with my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Less than a handful of people in my family have accomplished this. I shared this with you because it’s so important to know that you, and ONLY YOU, hold the key to success in your future.

This brings me to where I am today. After decades of damaging my hair, I turned to wigs as an alternative option for a protective style. Don’t laugh guys, but, my first wig was a synthetic, $19.99, wig from my local beauty supply store! GIRL!!! You could not tell me that I wasn’t EVERYTHING in this wig. Okay? Eventually, I did stumble upon better quality, human hair, wefts and wigs. From then on, I was hooked; the various colors, styles, versatility, protection, everything! Wigs quickly became an obsession and a passion for me. Especially when, on September 27, 2015, I shaved my head bald, in support of my mother who is fighting cancer (she is currently in remission guys! Whoo!). I’ll be honest, and say that the way my head is set up… LOL. Let’s just say that I won’t be walking around publicly, bald, anytime soon! Therefore, wigs definitely play a much larger role in my life than ever before.

I have been wanting to create my own hair extension and wig line for a very long time now. Not surprisingly, my husband has taken up an interest as well (I guess I do talk about hair…ALOT ). After years of research, being a consumer, making my own wigs, and learning as much as I can about the hair business, it finally feels like the right time. We all know, that there’s no other comparable feeling than having your hair look good, and knowing that others know it looks good as well. Am I right? This is why we started this company; to make women feel more beautiful, free, powerful, and sexy! The hair that we offer does just that. Don’t spend another moment looking at someone else’s hair wishing you could have it too…YOU CAN! Let us at Getting Wiggy Hair take care of you!

Please know that we greatly appreciate you visiting our site and purchasing from us. This is a passion of ours that we take very seriously. We are dedicated to making sure that your experience with Getting Wiggy Hair, is nothing short of great! I believe in forming trustworthy, long-withstanding relationships with our clients. When you purchase hair from us, you are family! I hope that you come to see us as more than just a hair company, but as family as well. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us, and we look forward to getting to know you more!

Brandon and Joe Alonso
Owners, Getting Wiggy Hair

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